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Current Events/News/Updates

  • News - Defense passed, dissertation deposited, graduation regalia ordered... DMA => DONE!
  • Performance - Doctoral Lecture Recital - Urbana, IL => On 4.20.2014 Yi-Wen Chen will be premiering the piece she commissioned from me, Cicadoidea Perspective for clarinet (Bb & Eb) and stereo electroacoustic music.

Past Events/News

  • Exhibition - Feria de Arte Sonoro de Puerto Rico 2013 @ Universidad del Sagrado Corazón - San Juan, PR => My work Contrapture was selected for inclusion in an exhibition of sound and video art 10.3-26.2013 in PR. Info on the events can be found here.
  • Presentation - 2013 SCI Region IV Conference @ Eastern Kentucky University - Richmond, KY => My paper MyPic: A Tool for Computer-Assisted Algorithmic Composition was selected for presentation. The conference was held 10.17-19.2013.
  • Performance and Presentation - 2013 Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium @ Artscape Wychwood Barns - Toronto, Canada => My work Contrapture was selected for performance and my paper MyPic: A Tool for Computer-Assisted Algorithmic Composition was selected for presentation. The symposium is going to be held 8.14-17.2013. More info to come...
  • Performance - Understanding Visual Music 2013 International Symposium @ Electronic Arts Experimentation and Research Centre - Buenos Aires, Argentina => My work Contrapture was selected for performance at UVM 2013 to be held 8.8-9.2013.
  • Performance - SEAMUS 2013 National Conference @ McNally Smith College - St. Paul, MN => My piece Contrapture for video and 5.1 surround was selected for performance at this year's SEAMUS conference (4.18-20.2013).
  • Performance - Chamber Cartel @ Poem88 : The Party! - Atlanta, GA => Caleb Herron and Amy O'Dell premiered my percussion and piano duet Spectral Evidence at the Chamber Cartel concert - The Party! The concert was on 12.14 at 7pm EST at Poem88. For more information on the concert...
  • News => Two things: First, it has been some time since I've posted an update to MyPic. My work on the program is sporadic, but I've added enough since my last update to warrant a new version and a post. MyPic version 1.0.2 is available for download on the MyPic page. Some of the new features include: additional aux parameter fields, parameter naming, auto canvas resizing, and various user interface tweaks including a new toolbar instead of the old dropdown menus. Second, I have posted an abstract video that I made to accompany Contrapture. The algorithmic manipulation of video is another research interest of mine, although before Contrapture I had only experimented with short clips and small tests of various processes: mapping audio events to video manipulations, granular approaches to video, and timbre to color processes.
  • Performance - Studio 300 Festival - Lexington, KY => My work Pathfinder was selected for the BYTE Gallery as part of the Studio 300 Festival of Digital Art and Music. The festival took place in Lexington, KY at Transylvania University on 9.28-29.2012. More info on the festival here and more on BYTE Gallery here.
  • News => I have a job! I will be an Adjunct Instructor of Music at Illinois Wesleyan University for the 2012/13 school year. In the Fall I'll be teaching a section of Music Theory I (MUS 103) - which is great considering that I taught the same course last year and won't have to plan the course from scatch. In the Spring, the plan is for me to teach composition lessons, composiiton studio, and a Post-1945 Music History course.
  • Performance - DMC Duo @ Lillstreet Art Center - Chicago, IL => On May 17th the DMC Duo performed a concert with Soprano Jenna Lyle. The concert will included a performance of Increment by Ariana and Caleb.
  • 3.29 Update => I uploaded audio from the Paranoiac-Critical Variations premiere. The UIUC Orchestra and James Blachly did a wonderful job, thanks guys! Give it an hear here.
  • News => I won the Elliott Schwarts Composition Prize at the CMS 33rd Northeast Chapter Conference @ SUNY Fredonia for my work Increment for clarinet and percussion.
  • Presentation - Composer's Forum @ UIUC- Urbana, IL => On April 3rd at 3pm I did a presentation on recently commissioned works Paranoiac-Critical Variations and Alchemy of Angels.
  • Performance - CMS 33rd Northeast Chapter Conference @ SUNY Fredonia - Fredonia, NY => My work Increment for clarinet and percussion was selected for performance at the 2012 CMS Northeast Chapter Conference. The conference took place on March 16-17 and my piece was scheduled for the March 16th Composers Concert at 8pm.
  • News and Performance => I won a commission for a new work for orchestra - the U of I Orchestra Composition Competition. The performance was scheduled for the Feb. 29 U of I Orchestra Concert. The commissioned work => Paranoiac-Critical Variations, a work concerned with the implications of Dalí's pananoiac-critical method and perceptual links between variations of musical materials, as well as the themes, mood, and gestures present in several works from Dalí's paranoiac-critical period:The Persistence of Memory, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans, The Disintegration of Persistence of Memory, Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Autumn Cannibalism, and The Sublime Moment.
  • Performance - Measures of Change Concert - Urbana, IL => On Feb. 23 there wasl a concert featuring works from the new EMS CD release Measures of Change including my work Pathfinder. The concert was at 7:30pm in the Music Building Auditorium.
  • Performance - SEAMUS 2012 National Conference @ Lawrence University - Appleton, WI => My work Dreamcaster for 8-channel electroacoustic music and dance was performed by Sandra Paola Hendrix-López at this year's SEAMUS Conference (Feb. 9, 2012).
  • CD Released => A UIUC EMS CD released fall 2011. The disc consists mostly of recent works by Studio D and some Studio A users, including a stereo version of my work Pathfinder. This release is titled Measures of Change.
  • Performance - IWU New Music Series - Bloomington, IL => On Oct. 27 @ 7:30pm the new stereo version of my work Pathfinder was presented. The program also included works by U of I composers Eric Lund and Roy Magnuson.
  • Performance - Sexy Monsters - Urbana, IL => On Sept. 23 @ 5-9pm as part of the Free-Print Fridays / Living Sounds Workshop at Gallery One my work Absolute Zero was presented.
  • Presentation - IWU Composition Studio - Bloomington, IL => On Sept. 15 @ 4:00pm I presented a few of my works in a talk on how I approach composition: development of a personal language/process, organization/planning, and inspiration.
  • First Teaching Gig! => This fall I will be an Adjunct Instructor of Music at Illinois Wesleyan University teaching courses in electroacoustic music and music theory.
  • News => I passed my prelims and I'm now ABD! My final project and dissertation proposals were approved, so now I can get serious about my work on them. My final project, Wintermind, is a work for ensemble (fl., cl., pno., vln., and vc.) and electroacoustic music in three movements with a projected duration of ~17 mins. The working title for my dissertation is "Problems and Current Methodologies in Electroacoustic Music Analysis: Two Analytical Case Studies (Lejaren Hiller's Vocalise and Paul Koonce's Rule III), and Implications for Electro-acoustic Music Analysis on the Compositional Process." I know, it's a mouth-full... I'll keep you posted.
  • Performance - UIUC EMS Concert - Urbana, IL => On. Feb. 2 @ 7:30pm there was a concert of electroacoustic works by EMS composers. The concert include several multi-channel works, a few works for piano and ea, and my work Dreamcaster for 8-channel electroacoustic music and dance - performed by Sandra Paola Hendrix-López ! ! ! UPDATE ! ! ! => The date was changed for this concert. It was rescheduled for Feb. 9th @ 7:30pm.
  • Presentation - UIUC Composition Forum - Urbana, IL => On Dec. 7 @ 3:00pm I presented my program MyPic to the comp forum. The presentation included demostrating features, discussing future refinements, and presenting excerpts from a work composed with MyPic.
  • Performance - UIUC Composers Concert - Urbana, IL => On Nov. 14 @ 7:30pm percussionist Caleb Herron performed my solo vibraphone work Primarily Sexy. The concert took on the UIUC campus at the Smith Hall Auditorium. This concert was organized by composer/percussionist Ming-ching Chiu.
  • Performance - SCI 2010 National Conference - Columbia, SC => On Nov. 12 @ 8:30am percussionist Caleb Herron performed my solo vibraphone work Primarily Sexy at this year's SCI National Conference. The conference took place Nov. 11 - 14 at USC Columbia, hosted by Tayloe Harding, Sonia Jacobsen, and Samuel Douglas.
  • Performance – SCI Region V Conference - Rock Island, IL => On Oct. 2 @ 4:30pm percussionist Caleb Herron premiered my solo vibraphone work Primarily Sexy at this year's SCI Region V Conference at Augustana College in Illinois.
  • Performance - UIUC New Music Ensemble - Urbana, IL => On Sept. 21 @ 7:30pm in the Krannert Center Great Hall, the UIUC New Music Ensemble premiered my chamber orchestra piece Alchemy of Angels.
  • Performance - Devil May Card Duo - Eastern US Tour => The DMC Duo [Ariana Lamon-Anderson - Clarinet, Caleb Herron - Percussion] performed my work Increment (commissioned by Caleb Herron). Performances included Cambridge, MA [June 21, 7:30pm @ the Lilypad], New York, NY [June 23, 8pm @ Papacookie Concert Series], and Duluth, GA [June 27, 3pm @ Chocolate Perks].
  • Performance - SEAMUS 2010 National Conference - St. Cloud, MN => My work Pathfinder was selected for performance at the SEAMUS 2010 25th Anniversary National Conference at St. Cloud State University on April 8, 9, and 10.
  • Performance - NoiseFloor Festival - Stafford, England => My work Pathfinder was chosen for diffusion in one of the Saturday concerts (1.16) of the NoiseFloor Festival.


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